Renewable Energy

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What Exactly is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. Some examples of renewable energy sources are solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. These sustainable energy sources are often called “alternative energy” because they’re considered to be an alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Occupations in Energy West Solar Solutions

Let’s take a look at just a few of the fastest-growing jobs in this sector.

  • Civil engineers for renewable-energy companies are expected to see 10.6% job growth by 2026.
  • Financial analysts for renewable-energy companies are expected to see 10.9% job growth by 2026.
  • Wind-turbine service technicians are expected to see 96.3% job growth by 2026.
  • Solar photovoltaic installers are expected to see 104.9% job growth by 2026.

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Opportunities in Energy West Solar Solutions

Image for Energy West Solar Solutions

Energy West Solar Solutions

Energy West Solar Solutions is your source for Energy Independence. Clean Green Renewable Energy. Here at Energy West Solar Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with clean, green, and renewable energy solutions for your home.

Image for Pitt Center for Sustainable Business

Pitt Center for Sustainable Business

The mission of the Center for Sustainable Business is to maximize the value of investments in sustainable business strategies for all stakeholders. We accomplish this by leveraging the unique expertise and capabilities of an active research and teaching community together with the applied knowledge and industry experience of some of the world’s most influential companies.

Image for Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR)

Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR)

The general purpose of the organization [EPCAMR] is to encourage the reclamation and redevelopment of land affected by past mining practices. This includes reducing hazards to health and safety, eliminating soil erosion, improving water quality, [and] returning land affected by past mining practices to productive use, thereby improving the economy of the region.

Image for Chatham University

Chatham University

With the growing awareness of the systems that underpin all aspects of society, sustainability and food studies professionals are increasingly in demand. The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment not only prepares students for those opportunities, it assists them in finding them and in launching personally and professionally rewarding careers through the services of a dedicated career counselor, experiential learning opportunities, and our wide network of alumni.

Image for Exus Management Partners

Exus Management Partners

To create a global platform for management of renewable energy assets for third-party investors and the creation of a liquid secondary marketplace for the trading of renewable energy securities.

Image for FracTracker Alliance

FracTracker Alliance

FracTracker Alliance maps, analyzes, and communicates the risks of oil, gas, and petrochemical development to advance just energy alternatives that protect public health, natural resources, and the climate.

Image for CREATE Lab


The Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment Lab (CREATE Lab) at Carnegie Mellon University explores socially civic technology innovation and data understanding and communication, in partnership with community, and in support of community goals.

Image for Thar Process

Thar Process

Sustainable, global leader in Co2-based processes such as natural product extraction for flavors, food ingredients, supplements and cosmetics; purification of synthetic analogs for pharmaceuticals – Thar is passionately committed to the 3P’s: People, Planet, Profit.

Image for BRITE Energy Innovators

BRITE Energy Innovators

BRITE’s mission is to empower founders to launch energy technology solutions.

Image for Coalfield Development Corporation

Coalfield Development Corporation

Coalfield’s Development Corp.’s mission is to incubate and invest in employment-based social enterprises. They facilitate professional, personal, and academic development for people facing barriers to employment. They lead and collaborate on community-based revitalization projects.

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