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BRITE Energy Innovators – Ohio’s energy tech incubator – is dedicated to ensuring the success of startups driving innovation in energy tech. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we offer many in-kind & paid services. These services include consultation services for startups & small-and-medium-size enterprises, lab space and equipment for device testing and R&D and affordable office space and coworking memberships.


BRITE’s mission is to empower founders to launch energy technology solutions.


Services for companies from startups to medium enterprises

Relationships with specialized partners to better serve the needs of companies and our community

Access to cutting edge energy technology for advanced research & development needs

Affordable coworking memberships for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses

Space rentals for business meetings and special events


We give startups the support, guidance and connections they need so they can get to work. Whether that means getting their business off the ground and running or taking a product with potential & turning into a sustainable business, and everything else in between. We empower startups by supplying them with introductions to our diverse network of partners, advanced technology, access to funding and the spaces they need to accomplish this.

Core Values

Bold, Resilient, Inclusive, Transparent, Empathetic


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