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With the growing awareness of the systems that underpin all aspects of society, sustainability and food studies professionals are increasingly in demand. The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment not only prepares students for those opportunities, it assists them in finding them and in launching personally and professionally rewarding careers through the services of a dedicated career counselor, experiential learning opportunities, and our wide network of alumni.


One of the earliest schools of its kind in the country, the Falk School is a wellspring for leadership and education to overcome current and future sustainability challenges. The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment is inspired by the work of Chatham alumna Rachel Carson ’29, whose knowledge about the environment and passion to preserve it are traits that drive the mission of the school. The academic programs in the Falk School are dedicated to producing professional sustainability leaders.


Currently available positions:

To find more opportunities, check out https://www.chatham.edu/work-at-chatham/


Website: https://www.chatham.edu/academics/schools/falk-school-of-sustainability-environment/

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