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To create a global platform for management of renewable energy assets for third-party investors and the creation of a liquid secondary marketplace for the trading of renewable energy securities.


Exus Management Partners (Exus) is an independent investment and asset management firm focused on the renewable energy sector. The firm works on behalf of an increasing variety of investors to source investment opportunities, acquire assets and undertake full technical and commercial management of renewable energy portfolios worldwide.

In doing so, Exus draws on its wide-ranging expertise to help its investors optimize technical performance, reduce financial risks and ensure long-term revenue certainty.

Exus has a growing global presence, with offices in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, the USA, Mexico and Brazil. It currently manages an operational portfolio exceeding 9 GW.


Excellence – Do top class work

Out of the Box Thinking – Embrace and drive change. Be adventurous.

Integrity – Be good.

Investor Driven – Think long term.

Team Work – Leverage collective thinking.

Passion – Love and enjoy what you do.

Environment – Leave the world better than you found it.


  • 1. Origination, Product, Structuring, & Investment – As a starting point, we originate, assess and present opportunities, structure transactions, assist in negotiations with sellers and other third parties, coordinate the DD process and advisors; beyond these initial steps, we do much more to make asset acquisitions smooth and secure.
  • 2. Business Development – We provide full Greenfield and brownfield project development, regulatory and legal framework reviews, site conditions and grid connection assessment, and support every aspect of development from licensing to budgeting, to construction and more.
  • 3. Full Asset Management – Our proactive approach is maintained beyond strategy and origination: we manage projects in the form of a range of analysis to guarantee success, commercial activity and the many relations needed to make your investment succeed.
  • 4. Exus Management Systems: Bluesky – We have a range of systems to manage your assets to the highest possible standard. These include address controlling, project finance, reporting, optimization planning, maintenance supervision, and many more perfected through our years of experience.
  • 5. Operation and Maintenance – Our O&M services cover the full range of needs of the industry: these cover facility operation, warranty packages, real-time monitoring & trouble-shooting through the Exus Control Centre and the further nuances of different sectors and stages in operations.
  • 6. Technical Consultancy – We address the technical details that work together to make an investment’s success: energy yield assessment, inspections and technical audits, thermographies of main equipment, and the full depth of assessments to provide confidence in the efficiency of an asset.


For current opportunities, visit https://www.exuspartners.com/careers#positions


Website: https://www.exuspartners.com/

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