Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation

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Sustainable Transportation is focused on reducing the carbon emissions from our transit sources and rethinking how we shape our built infrastructure for future mobility. Pathways to sustainable transportation include infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure, and public transportation – including busses, light rail, and passenger rail.

Occupations in this Section

Bus Drivers
Bus Mechanics
Transportation Planners
Urban Planners
Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators
Locomotive Engineers

Mechanical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Bicycle Repairers
Logistics Planners
Commuter Services Coordinators

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To provide efficient and effective intercity passenger rail mobility consisting of high-quality service that is trip-time competitive with other intercity travel options.

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Argo AI

Argo AI exists to make getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all.

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Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC)

About Craig Van Batenburg is the CEO of ACDC, a hybrid and plug-in training company based in Worcester, Massachusetts. ACDC has taught more hybrid classes in more places and for more people than any other hybrid / EV company around, starting in early 2000. Some 15,000 techs and others have heard Craig, Deb and other ACDC […]

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Bike Pittsburgh Inc

Our Mission BikePGH is transforming our streets to make biking and walking commonplace for all Pittsburghers in order to improve our quality of life and reduce the harmful effects of car dependence in our communities. Our Vision We envision a Pittsburgh where people can thrive without needing to own a car – making Pittsburgh a […]

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BRITE Energy Innovators

About BRITE Energy Innovators – Ohio’s energy tech incubator – is dedicated to ensuring the success of startups driving innovation in energy tech. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we offer many in-kind & paid services. These services include consultation services for startups & small-and-medium-size enterprises, lab space and equipment for device testing and R&D and […]

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Green Edge Tech

Mission Equitable access & distribution of green technologies. About WHAT CAN WE DO? Our EcoSystem starts with Equitable Location Scouting for EV Curbside Charging install sites. We have proven coverages of EV charger locations to be at or less than a 5 min walk with fewer stations than a municipal parking lot, by looking directly […]

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About involveMINT is a Community Exchange Network – a marketplace for community service and local business resources. The Community Exchange Network empowers citizens to adopt impactful projects, solve problems, and create livelihoods through a currency exchanged among a community network of goods and services. How It Works The Community Exchange Network enables communities to quickly fund […]

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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employs over 70,000 people who deliver a wide array of services established to improve the lives of Pennsylvania citizens.

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Pitt Center for Sustainable Business

Mission The mission of the Center for Sustainable Business is to maximize the value of investments in sustainable business strategies for all stakeholders. We accomplish this by leveraging the unique expertise and capabilities of an active research and teaching community together with the applied knowledge and industry experience of some of the world’s most influential […]

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Port Authority of Allegheny County

Port Authority provides safe, reliable and affordable public transportation throughout Allegheny County

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