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New Sun Rising believes that everyone has the potential to make a positive change. Some people strengthen culture by creating a greater sense of connection and shared purpose, honoring diverse experiences and traditions, making everyone feel valued and open to possibility. Others promote environmental sustainability, ensuring that natural resources are respected and protected for the well-being of current and future generations. While some provide economic opportunity for all, through access to good jobs, education, and entrepreneurship.

It is at this intersection of culture, sustainability, and opportunity that Vibrant Communities exist. New Sun Rising promotes this vision by serving as a trusted partner with nonprofits, social enterprises, collaboratives, and investors. Our services enhance their effectiveness through capacity building, accessible funding, and data advocacy. We are guided by our core value commitments to an equitable & inclusive society by using adaptive processes centered in asset-based practices. In 2019, New Sun Rising established the Vibrant Communities Framework to help people ignite, launch, and grow community development efforts in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

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