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Sudoc’s mission is to outperform toxic chemicals to remove them from our planet


TAML® catalysts can supercharge other chemicals to oxidize a wide variety of compounds—a better way of cleaning things.

TAML®️ catalysts are most environmentally effective when used with hydrogen peroxide, a chemical made up of hydrogen and oxygen that is used by our bodies to oxidize toxic compounds and microorganisms.

What are TAML catalysts?

TAML is a trademark for Sudoc’s peroxidase mimicking catalysts, which have four (tetra) deprotonated amides in a macrocyclic ligand. Ligands are chemical compounds that attach to metals to affect how they react. In the case of TAML®️, the four amides ligands are linked in a large ring or macrocycle, around an iron atom attached through four deprotonated amide nitrogens. The TAML®️ macrocycles pack a negative charge on the iron. The combination of TAML’s tunable electronic features and resistance to oxidation make uniquely strong and stable oxidation catalysts that rival the reactivity of the most powerful enzymes found in the human body and throughout nature.


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