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We believe that solar energy is the fastest growing, cleanest and most abundant generation source in the world. Because of climate change, air pollution and environmental injustice, moving toward an economy powered by clean and safe energy is of utmost importance to the health of our communities, our people and our planet. We also understand that solar energy provides a massive economic development opportunity by offering affordable, stable and long-term energy prices that save residents, businesses and institutions money as well as create thousands of new jobs. We believe that opening access and removing barriers to solar energy are crucial components of a just society which allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a trusted advisor for potential solar owners going through the solar procurement process, linking them with technical assistance, investors, funding opportunities and qualified solar developers in an effort to make the process of going solar simpler and straightforward. We unify the voices of solar owners, businesses and advocates across the state to speak for favorable solar policies.

Removing artificial barriers and improving access to solar technology are crucial components of a just society that allows everyone to enjoy a clean energy future.

What We Do

  • Provide the community with an online resource hub as a source of unbiased education and information about solar as well as a qualified solar developer directory, solar project map, and solar jobs board
  • Offer technical assistance to tax-exempt organizations and small businesses to go solar by walking them through every step of the process and linking them with investors and qualified solar developers
  • Engage on public policy development and advocacy in an effort to transform Pennsylvania into a leading solar state.


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