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Our mission is to teach people how to grow food and promote the benefits gardens bring to our neighborhoods.


Growing food is a key factor in building and supporting healthy and equitable communities in Pittsburgh. Grow Pittsburgh is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit that serves as a resource and guide for backyard, school and community gardeners, as well as urban farmers across the Greater Pittsburgh region.  Our mission is to teach people how to grow food and to promote the benefits that gardens bring to our neighborhoods.  

Founded in 2005 by three urban farmers, we have grown and adapted our programs over the years to meet the changing landscape and community-identified needs and priorities for growing food in our neighborhoods.

Today, we build and support school and community gardens by working with novice groups who have dreams of starting a garden, as well as with established school and community gardeners who are looking for additional resources or trainings to make their garden programs more sustainable.

We manage two larger farm sites in Braddock and Point Breeze that serve a dual purpose of being production growing sites and educational hubs.  Growing more than 15,000 pounds of produce yearly, these sites provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables for our neighbors at weekly farm stands.  Both Braddock Farms and Shiloh Farm also demonstrate what is possible for urban farming in our region, as we host regular tours for the public and conduct workforce development programs on these sites.

Backyard gardeners in Pittsburgh enjoy regular garden workshops throughout the growing season, as well as access to our Info Hub with key gardening topics and best practices covered specifically for our region and growing conditions.  Our Garden Resource Center, a tool lending library and resource depot, makes gardening more accessible and affordable to all of our neighbors.

Through our active participation in the Food Policy Council, we continue to advocate to make food growing a regional priority and accessible to all.

Community Participation is one of our core organizational values, and we welcome all of our neighbors to get involved and start growing with us today.


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