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Allegheny County Conservation District


Allegheny County Conservation District is part of a national regulatory network and plays an important role in how communities in Allegheny County preserve, protect and restore natural resources. ACCD has a progressive approach to conservation work with a diverse portfolio, including urban and rural agriculture, watershed stewardship and regulatory enforcement of four state laws that protect water and soil.


The Allegheny County Conservation District is an urban conservation district that engages and leads through partnerships, innovation and implementation to conserve, promote and improve Allegheny County’s natural resources.


The Allegheny County Conservation District envisions an educated and engaged public, clean water and a sustainable future.

ACCD offers programs and technical assistance in the following areas:
  • Chapter 102: Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Chapter 105: Dam Safety and Waterway Management
  • Chapter 91: Manure Management
  • Act 38: Nutrient Management Watersheds Agriculture & Soils Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Roads Farmland Preservation


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Phone Number: 412-241-7645

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