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The Park and Conservation program at SRU offers one undergraduate degree in Park and Resource Management and two graduate degrees in Park and Resource Management and Environmental Education.

Park and Resources Management

If you have ever considered working as a park ranger or park manager in a national or state park, this is the major for you. The Park and Resource Management (PRM) program has placed students in exciting careers for over 30 years. Our alumni base represents most every land management agency in the United States. Students with this degree are well suited for careers with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation, Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, Delaware State Parks, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and a host of others.

In addition to the land management agencies students with this major also work in private and non-governmental agencies. Our students have worked as wilderness educators, camp counselors, and as climbing, fishing, and river guides just to name a few.

Some states, including Pennsylvania, offer certification through the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). While certification is not required; it can advance your career. In Pennsylvania, the requirements include, but are not limited to: a passing score on the Environmental Literacy Test, work portfolio, and attendance at a EE Certification Workshop.  Requirements vary by state, so please visit the NAAEE state affiliate where you work.   

Environment Education (MED)

Graduate study in Environmental Education  is designed to facilitate upward mobility in the field of environmental education and communication by providing students with the skills and experiences needed to excel as environmental educators in formal and informal settings. This program is online only.

This program is ideal for both working educators who possess teaching certification and desire a program of study oriented to non-formal, experiential education and working natural resource managers wishing to more effectively integrate environmental education and communication into programs serving public audiences. SRU’s Master of Education in Environmental Education consists of 30 credit hours offered exclusively online. This program will help students increase their understanding of societal interactions with ecological systems; learn to effectively design, implement and evaluate environmental education and communication initiatives in a variety of formal and informal settings; and make a positive contribute to natural resource conservation and management through a professional internship.

Park and Resources Management (MS)

The Master of Science degree in Park and Resource Management is a 30-hour program. This program is online only.

The program is oriented to meet the needs of park and resource or environmental education professionals serving as environmental educators, park rangers, park interpreters, resource management specialists, outdoor recreation planners, and similar professional positions. The program is designed to provide graduates with a sound base in ecological understanding, planning and management theory. Courses study practical solutions to environment education, natural and cultural resource and visitor management challenges, as well as those issues generated from the social, economic and political scene. Students are also given opportunity to hone their organization management, communication and computer skills. The program utilizes the services of nationally known professionals to supplement its graduate faculty in the teaching of courses, supervision of internships and advisement. This arrangement enables the program to keep its course offerings current and relevant to professional needs.


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