Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC)


Craig Van Batenburg is the CEO of ACDC, a hybrid and plug-in training company based in Worcester, Massachusetts. ACDC has taught more hybrid classes in more places and for more people than any other hybrid / EV company around, starting in early 2000. Some 15,000 techs and others have heard Craig, Deb and other ACDC trainers speak in over seven countries and 46 States.

Craig, and his wife Deb, offer management seminars internationally along with his many technical subjects. ACDC’s style of training is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and dynamic. To stay current with changes in automotive technology, ACDC employs local college students, typically in electrical and mechanical engineering, to assist in the research of the newer EMV’s that come to market. ACDC also hired three local technicians from Massachusetts shops that work on HEVs and EVs daily. These techs, Jeff, Matt and George help keep ACDC up-to-date on the latest innovations, tools and equipment. The people at ACDC, along with Craig’s decades of knowledge and leadership, make ACDC a unique training company. During the pandemic, Craig took a huge cut in pay to keep the staff working and gave them two pay raises. The 15 EMVs owned by ACDC range from the most popular modules to current EVs.

Since the pandemic, the classroom was transformed into a battery lab. ACDC has partnered with Electude, a Dutch company, for enhanced online learning. Lucas-Nuelle, a German company, has installed their “state-of-the-art” HEV-EV and Battery trainers at ACDC. They add an element that goes beyond what ACDC could do alone. All classroom time is done online, so when you arrive at the ACDC training center, it is “all-hands-on-deck”, but the deck is a shop. Come experience your future in a most amazing way and leave ready to diagnose, repair and maintain the vehicles at your shop now and those EMVs on the way.

Mission & Vision

“ACDC exists to keep independent shops in business”


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