Union Labor & Workforce Development

Union Labor & Workforce Development

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What is so critical about union labor and workforce development?

Workforce development opportunities and labor unions provide resources, skills training, and workplace advocacy for working people. It is critical to provide ample workforce development opportunities to train workers for the sustainable careers of today and tomorrow. Labor unions promote unity and provide key protection to working people to ensure their best interests are in mind as we transition to a sustainable economy.

Opportunities in this Sector

Workforce Development
Local job training courses, colleges, universities, and career and technical institutes equip workers with the knowledge and skills needed in a sustainable, 21 st century economy.


Union Labor
Labor unions advocate for job opportunities and family sustaining wages for their membership. Sustainable construction, green utility updates, and renewable energy installation are just a few of the sectors that can benefit from union labor.

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Sustainable Pittsburgh

About Sustainability refers to a comprehensive set of activities to improve the long term viability of our community. It not only features environmental aspects, but includes many other facets of sustainability. These include community support, growth of quality jobs, ethical and transparent business practices, sustainable products and services, management of a sustainable supply network, stakeholder […]

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