Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation

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Sustainable Transportation is focused on reducing the carbon emissions from our transit sources and rethinking how we shape our built infrastructure for future mobility. Pathways to sustainable transportation include infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure, and public transportation – including busses, light rail, and passenger rail.

Occupations in this Section

Bus Drivers
Bus Mechanics
Transportation Planners
Urban Planners
Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators
Locomotive Engineers

Mechanical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Bicycle Repairers
Logistics Planners
Commuter Services Coordinators

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Sustainable Pittsburgh

About Sustainability refers to a comprehensive set of activities to improve the long term viability of our community. It not only features environmental aspects, but includes many other facets of sustainability. These include community support, growth of quality jobs, ethical and transparent business practices, sustainable products and services, management of a sustainable supply network, stakeholder […]

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Virgin Hyperloop

Time is precious.
We’re dedicating ours to this purpose.
We give people the time of their lives. We are Virgin Hyperloop.

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