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The Energy Co-op

Our Mission

The Energy Co-op’s mission is to be a leader of today’s sustainable energy evolution.

We are a nonprofit cooperative that:
– Enables our members to buy energy as responsibly and affordably as possible.
– Assists our members to use energy sensibly and efficiently.
– Educates our members and our community about energy.

Our History

The Energy Co-op has been helping people buy, use, and understand energy for over 40 years.

In 1979, The Energy Co-op was started by members of the Weaver’s Way Food Co-op to lower the price of heating oil by leveraging its members’ buying power. By the 1990s, The Energy Co-op had expanded its geographic reach beyond West Mount Airy and added electricity to its offerings. Its EcoChoice electricity products pioneered renewable energy in the greater Philadelphia region. In 2015, The Energy Co-op became the first supplier of Renewable Natural Gas in the area. Today, we offer these products while continuously seeking and supporting novel solutions to energy challenges.


Email: [email protected] Phone: 215.413.2122


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