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Roxby Development supports sustainable ventures in business and real estate in order to create a long-term viable society. 

Our team is committed to developing and nurturing forward thinking projects with a collective humane and financial return. 

Based in Wheeling, WV, Roxby is a family-owned business grounded in values of creating an inclusive environment where all people can thrive. 

Commitment to Sustainability

Uniform Economic Growth

All developments and projects undertaken by Roxby have a short, mid-way and long-term approach and benefit in order to commit time and resources. It must be able to quickly sustain itself and designed with the future in mind.  

Protection of Environment

 All developments must focus on reuse or salvage of property. Roxby believes that our society has built and produced products that have been unnecessarily neglected or discarded. We seek to find uses and a market for those forgotten treasures to reduce waste and bring new life to buildings and products that would otherwise pollute the earth. We approach all things with the mindset to reduce waste and reuse/repurpose as many materials as possible. 

Respect & Improvement of Social & Human Rights

Roxby is led by a diverse team that embodies an environment of inclusivity, mindfulness, and forward thought. We believe that the more diverse a company is racially, ethnically, culturally, gender-wise and socially, the greater the breadth of experience to make the projects and company successful. The input of many is greater than the input of few. At the root of our employee and family-owned structure is the belief that when those that we rely upon and to grow our company are treated as true equals, not only in words, but in action, the stronger our company will become and the more impact it will have on the broader society. 


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