Grid Modernization and Broadband Expansion

Grid Modernization and Broadband Expansion

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Grid modernization refers to changes needed in the power grid to accommodate all the rapid technological changes happening in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. In particular, grid modernization often implies the increasing application of sensors, computers and communications, that is, increasing the intelligence or ‘smarts’ of the grid but the main goal is still the flexibility needed to adapt to the whole range of new technologies in the grid.

Grid Modernization & Broadband is focused on expanding and updating our region’s existing energy grid and broadband access. This sector creates blue-collar jobs while also providing the necessary infrastructure for future regional growth.

Resource: Rural Broadband, the Next Generation of Jobs, by The Rural Broadband Association

Computer systems analysts
Network and computer systems administrators
Operations research analysts
Software developers
Electrical engineers

Electronics engineers, except computer
Electrical and electronics engineering technicians
Electrical and electronics repairers, powerhouse, substation, and relay
Electrical power-line intallers and repairers
Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers

Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers
Power distributors and dispatchers
Meter readers, utilities
Urban and regional planners

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